Matt Logan CFP(r)

3rd Quarter 2021 Market Outlook

“It’s now or never, cause I ain’t gonna live forever,” is not just another great Bon Jovi lyric, it may be the best way to

Preparing for the 2021 Tax Season

How a financial advisor can help you manage your taxes this year  Reducing your tax burden can help you manage your wealth and free up

2021: The Year of the NUA

If you own highly appreciated stock in your company’s qualified retirement plan 2021 could be the perfect setting for you to utilize net unrealized appreciation strategy, or NUA.

5 Financial Tips for Starting Law School

Law school is an investment in your future. Investing in education can be a great return if done properly and with the high cost of a Law Degree, I have put together some tips that may be helpful.

Breaking Down IRAs

Individual retirement accounts (IRAs) are a type of tax-advantaged account that can help you boost your retirement savings. The most common IRAs you’ll choose from

Automated Investing vs. Human Guidance

When you’re looking for help managing your investment portfolio, you have a decision to make: Should you work with a financial advisor or a robo-advisor?

Financial Conversation Tips for Couples

Communication about money is often fraught for couples, and bringing the topic up with your partner can be challenging. But discussing financial concerns, goals and

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