Why the bus?  We think it makes perfect sense.  Here are a few of the many reasons:

If you’re looking for a charitable donation or just a fun day out, we hope that you will reach out!

If you would like to request a donation of time on the bus, redeem a certificate, or rent it for a group, please complete the contact form below.

See the calendar below for bus availability. PLEASE NOTE: The calendar does not update in real-time. Be sure to reach out for specific date and time requests. Please understand we block time during certain holidays so that our drivers can enjoy time with family.

bus faqs

Concerts, sporting events, wine tours, and birthday parties are just some of the popular uses. If there are people under 21 there must be a chaperone of at least 25 years of age.

The bus can NOT be used for Proms, homecoming, or any event where all attendees would be under 21 without a chaperone.

There is a charge of $75 per hour and a $75 cleaning fee. The fee is all-inclusive with driver and fuel. We charge time from the time of pickup to the time of the last drop-off. This does not include an optional tip for your driver.

-Yes, it can! Email info@TMRW with the details of the charity event.

Yes, it would be $75.00 per additional hour. Your certificate already includes the cleaning fee.

Complete the form below with as much detail about your trip as possible to schedule your reservation. For any questions, please give us a call at (336)-540-9700, or send us an email at [email protected].

No, the driver is included with bus usage.

No, we require one of our drivers. They must pass screening and be included on our insurance. Our drivers have been trained and are familiar with the bus.

As far in advance as possible. We can accommodate some short-notice trips but typically require notice of at least 5 business days.

We will email you an invoice the first business day after your reservation. Accepted payment methods: Venmo, CashApp, Check.

Music and more! There is a control center where you can select music, control lights on the bus, and watch TV. You can also use Bluetooth if you would prefer to use your phone to select music.

Yes! Food and drinks are allowed. There are two ice bins on the bus for you to put your drinks in. You must provide your own ice for the bins. If bringing food, please be kind and clean up after yourself. We provide a trash bin on the bus. 

The maximum is 14 passengers. We are limited to that number of passengers due to insurance and North Carolina law. Typically, 10-12 adults is most comfortable. 

No, there is no additional trunk space for coolers or other items. 

No, spills happen, and we are prepared for it. There are paper towels supplied on the bus. Cups are available upon request. Please ask your driver if needed.

While tips are by no means required, the drivers do appreciate your gratuity. Many people will tip similarly to a restaurant percentage of 20% to give you an idea. You may tip your driver in cash, or you may include their tip when submitting your payment. 

ready to take the bus for a spin?

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