1st Quarter Market Update 2024

Happy New Year!  The 4th quarter was quite the wild ride so here is my attempt to summarize what just happened.  • Stocks: The Party Animals: Stocks in Q4 2023 were like the life of a New Year’s Eve party, unpredictably swinging from ecstatic highs to “Oops, I shouldn’t have



4th Quarter Market Update

Taylor Swift was estimated to provide $5 billion in economic impact on her US tour stops.* That impact would make her more productive than 50

3rd Quarter Market Update 2023

This “Little Engine That Could” market has just completed 3 straight quarters of growth.  For those of you who have matured in your reading material,

2nd Quarter Market Update 2023

Will we win the Great War on Inflation and can we win without falling into a recession?  That question has been the big question since

1st Quarter Market Outlook 2023

“Nowhere to run to, baby, nowhere to hide” lyrics from the 1965 hit by Martha and the Vandalias is the best way to summarize the

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