Why Us

our commitment
the best client experience
We are committed to our work and our goal of creating the best client experience possible. We achieve this commitment with a culture of constant improvement, always seeking better solutions for technology, communication and ways to service our clients better.
our culture
we are different
Our culture was founded to be different than many financial firms and is the reason our office just feels different. Our culture is built on hiring great people, removing salesmanship, ongoing education, constant improvement, and fun. We always put people before profits. We do really serious work for our clients but we know better than to take ourselves too seriously.
our focus
your full financial world
We are much more than an investment manager. We are focused on wealth plannng that takes into account your entire financial world. Your relationship with money can be complex and taking the time to understand that relationship helps us better serve our clients. Many of our clients say this is the first time they have seen and understood their financial lives. We do this by going deeper and planning further out into the future.
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