2nd Quarter 2022 Market Update

Anyone who has ever met me knows that I love people to the point where I have been described as an extrovert on steroids.  Our family attended the Avett Brothers New Years Eve concert on March 19 and Hamilton at the Tanger Center this past weekend.  I loved to see people smiling and the energy that is created with a crowd.  Sporting events such as the Masters this past weekend and the NCAA tournament offered a glimpse of pre-COVID normalcy.This past quarter was the most volatile quarter since March of 2020 when COVID hit.  We started with the Fed implying raising interest rates faster than some may have expected in January to combat rising inflation.  This was further compounded by Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine in February.  In late March the markets have made a strong run to rebound.  

On the Personal Side:
The outset of COVID annoyed me with all of the cancelled and rescheduled events.  Now two years in, my “Type A-ness” with my calendar has given way to a flexibility I may never have thought possible.  In 2019 Evan and I gave the girls a trip to Hawaii to accompany us on a trip recognizing financial advisors from across the country.  Later this month we will mask up and make this trip.  (I have taken the inflation surcharge out of their allowance)  I am so proud of Evan as she has been given a grant to work for UNCG.  I guess the MBA program knows talent when they see it and they created a marketing position for her.   Go Evan!Lila turns 13 next month.  My gray in my beard and my thinning hair match but I have to admit I feel way too young to have a daughter who is 13.  I am so incredibly proud of her success academically, socially and in dance.  She makes me look like a good parent.  For her 13th birthday I told her that we would go on a dad daughter trip for a weekend anywhere in the continental United States.  I cannot wait to see what she chooses.Amelia is my sentimental one.  She has a hard time with goodbyes and always writes a note and hides it in my bag when I am on the road.  These notes do not fail to bring tears to my eyes.  Seeing her dance like nobody is watching at the Avett Brothers Concert and hearing her whisper every word of Hamilton brought a lot of smiles to Dad’s heart.  Maybe I am not messing this parenting thing up as bad as I thought.

On the Business Side:
I won the NCAA bracket poll in our office having 3 of the final four correct and my coworkers may never hear the end of it. Kam passed her Series 7 this past month.  This has been a life goal for her and we are so incredibly proud of her.  She will take the Series 66 later this month.  We welcomed Bristey Thomas as our new Client Care Coordinator.  She is doing a phenomenal job and her 7 years experience at an accounting firm goes a long way.  Anna has added the responsibility of “Matt Wrangling” to her role and thus far the role has not required the use of a taser.  Ben continues to do great work on the planning side and his coaching background is evident as he scribbles strategies on the whiteboard in his office.  Maybe we should get a whistle for him to round out the role.  If you need anything at all, we ask you call the office directly at 336-540-9700 or email us at [email protected].  Now you can also text our dedicated text if that is a more convenient way to communicate.  To text us, please send a message to 336-860-7646.  

Social Media:
We want to connect with you more via social media.  Let’s connect on LinkedIn, follow my channel on YouTube or  follow my page on Facebook. We will be posting regularly on our blog as well, so be sure to check it out for personal financial advice, market insights and more.

We are humbled by the introductions you continue to make to your family and friends.  One of the silver linings of COVID for our business is the ability to connect family from various parts of the country to coordinate financial planning.  If you have not had a conversation with your family about financial planning we know it can feel daunting.  We have had some success in making these conversations comfortable and been able to really improve outcomes for some families.Online Access:Here is a link to your online portal, click here.The Bus:Speaking of scheduling, we ran into an issue and had no bus drivers for a second graders birthday party this past semester.  Lucky me.  I had more fun driving those kids to the pet store and to get ice cream.  As I dropped the crew off at their destination a 9 year old came to me and thanked me.  She said it was her best party ever.  I melted at the joy that this kid had.  If you would like to use the bus, email [email protected] or visit

Featured Blog Post:
Seeing that this blog is coming out right in the middle of tax time, this blog post covers some ideas for tax planning for 2022.  Get a Jump Start on Your 2022 Taxes.

Second Quarter Outlook:
We still believe that investing in quality companies and real estate is the best way to combat inflation.  The invasion of the Ukraine has created chaos for certain commodities and contributed to inflation through prices of oil, natural gas and wheat.  This gave the Fed reason for pause.  As the Federal Reserve begins to raise rates to combat inflation, we believe these higher rates will help curb inflation that rose to a new 40 year high in February.  Higher wages will be part of the equation as well and that will help to bring more people back to the workforce.  We see inflation toning down some to more moderate levels.  We believe that companies that hold a lot of cash such as financials may stand to benefit from rising rates.  Our outlook on bonds is still to keep them shorter term.  We are using a different format for our market updates that is a little more visually helpful.  I would love to know your thoughts, click here.

Our mission is to give money meaning.

With gratitude,
Matt Logan 

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