2021: The Year of the NUA

If you own highly appreciated stock in your company’s qualified retirement plan 2021 could be the perfect setting for you to utilize net unrealized appreciation strategy, or NUA.

2nd Quarter Market Update 2023

Will we win the Great War on Inflation and can we win without falling into a recession?  That question has been the big question since

1st Quarter Market Outlook 2023

“Nowhere to run to, baby, nowhere to hide” lyrics from the 1965 hit by Martha and the Vandalias is the best way to summarize the

4th Quarter Market Update 2022

Does your neck hurt?  Whiplash is the only way I can come up with to describe the up and down that occurred in the past

Two hands, engaged in a tug-of-war with a red ribbon as a symbolic centerpiece.

Active Vs Passive Investing

Investors and advisors alike have long debated the merits of active versus passive investing. As the markets have taken a downward turn over the last

5 Podcasts for Business Owners

Listening to podcasts is like having a personal coach or mentor for your business. Whether you’re looking for advice, creative ideas, or motivation, they can

The Advantages of a Family Trust

Family trusts are an important tool for managing wealth across multiple generations. They can help you avoid the time-consuming and costly process of probate, keep

Growth Stocks vs. Value Stocks

Stock investing is an important engine of growth in your portfolio, but deciding on an investing strategy and particular stocks can be challenging. When designing

Get to Know Your Risk Tolerance

When constructing a portfolio, it’s critical to understand three important factors: your goals, your time horizon, and your risk tolerance. Of those three, risk tolerance

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