Your IRA and Your Legacy

Individual retirement accounts can play a valuable role in the estate planning process Individual retirement accounts (IRA) are a cornerstone of many people’s retirement savings

Understanding Behavioral Bias

Learning how emotions affect decisions can make you a better investor Are you a better-than-average driver? Chances are, you answered yes. That’s because nearly three-quarters

2nd Quarter 2020 Market Outlook

I want to start by thanking all of the clients I have already spoken with over the past month.  Connecting with people is one of

5 Tips for Navigating the Coronavirus Crash

When stock markets experience sudden downturns, investors can feel anxious and make decisions detrimental to their long-term goals. After all, when you’ve worked hard for

1st Quarter 2020 Market Outlook

Happy New Year, new decade and new beginning!   I hope this year and decade bring you and your loved ones a lot of fun and

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