Why the bus?  We think it makes perfect sense.  Here are a few of the many reasons:

I hope that you will reach out to me if you are looking for something for your charity auction or just a bus to use for a group of friends for a fun for a night out.  

If you would like to request a donation of time on the bus, to redeem a certificate you won at an auction or to rent it for a group, please email as we would love to have you use it.  Below is a list of the various non-profits that we have had the pleasure to donate the bus to:

The following calendar is updated regularly and you can see if your preferred date is booked.  You can navigate to future months with the left or right pointing white arrows in blue buttons.

bus faqs

Any event you want. Concerts, sporting events, wine tours, and birthday parties are very popular uses. Feel free to be creative. If there are people under 21 there must be a chaperone of at least 25 years of age. Unfortunately, we cannot let it be used for prom night or homecoming for liability reasons. We also steer clear of bachelor parties that may be on the rowdy side as we choose not to include those risks.
The new bus will have slightly different pricing than the old. We will not charge for fuel as we did before. There is a charge of $50 per hour, and there is an additional hour charged ($50) for the cleaning fee at the end of every use to pay for the bus to be kept in great condition. We bill you after the trip and will email you an invoice. Currently, we ask that those who use the bus pay via check within 30 days of the invoice.
-Yes, it can! Email with the details of the charity event, and we will put together a donation certificate.
Yes, it is $50.00 per hour. Your certificate already includes the cleaning fee, so additional time would charge per hour.

Call us at (336) 540-9700 or send an email to We have our bus calendar online so you can see what dates are available. In the email, include as much detail as you have at the time. (i.e. date, time, pick up location, destination, number for contact, and any other special details you may have)

The driver is included with bus useage.
No, our drivers must pass screening and be included on our insurance. They are trained and familiar with the bus and we require one of our drivers to be driving when the bus is in use.
The further in advance the better because things do book up fast, especially for concerts or sporting events. There are instances when we have been able to also work with people on short notice if need be. We will make every effort to accommodate you.
We will send an invoice the next business day after your trip. When you receive your invoice, you have one month from that date to pay, and you can drop a check by the office or mail it in.
-Yes, there is music on the bus. The bus has Spotify on it that you may use to play any song you like, or you may choose to use your own music. The bus is also equipped with an Apple TV for you to use. All of the lights, the Apple TV and the music is controlled with an Ipad mini that is mounted in the back corner of the bus for your convenience.
Yes! Food and drinks are allowed, and there is also an ice bin on the bus for you to put your drinks in. We only require that you provide your own ice for the bin. We ask that you use good judgement in what you bring along in terms of food. Kids and ice cream would be a frowned upon idea.
It fits 14 passengers comfortably and we are limited to that amount of passengers due to insurance and North Carolina law. We will not accommodate more passengers for your safety and our liability purposes.
There is limited storage in the trunk area and cabinet storage under the seats. The trunk may fit golf bags, a tent for tailgating or other items. It will not fit a full size cooler, although that can usually be accommodated in the front seat if need be. Please note that there is a bar with an ice chest for drinks as well as an ice bin for clean drinks on the bus, so please bring ice.
Spills happen and we are prepared for it. There are paper towels supplied on the bus. There are also cups for your convenience to use.
Yes, well that is if he does a good job. While tips are by no means required, the drivers do appreciate your gratuity if given. Many people will tip similar to a restaurant percentage of 20% to give you an idea. Again, this is not required and you will not be billed for it by any means. He will get you where you are required to go whether you tip or not.

ready to take the bus for a spin?

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