Market Update

Everyone’s favorite hillbilly profit once said “The way I see it, if you want a rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain!”  Even though Dolly Parton was not speaking about the stock market in her statement, we feel like it is a perfect fit. 

The market is in a storm.  We have just come off a meteoric stock market run through COVID.  When COVID hit, the government threw the kitchen sink at the economy to stimulate it.  The great news is that it worked.  The bad news is it cannot last forever.  As the federal government begins to slowly raise interest rates, the economy is impacted in a negative way.  The addition of a shattered supply chain, inflation, employment challenges and the conflict in the Ukraine are only complicating things.  The Fed releases reports today and we will be watching for information that may give clues to their plans.  We have no idea how long this storm will last but we know the market has its ups and downs and there will be rainbows again.  

Our focus on planning and the annoyingly deep dive we have taken into your financial life gives us confidence that we are still on the right path.  When we created your portfolio, we looked at your entire life, your history and your future goals.  We have scars we earned in past market ups and downs and those scars give us perspective for current and future ups and downs.   We are always here to help.  We know that seeing portfolios drop brings up a lot of emotions.  We are here for you and happy to help in any way we can.

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