4th Quarter 2020 Market Outlook

Gloria Gaynor was talking about her off and on again flame and the ups and downs and emotions.  Even still, I believe she may have been penning the theme song for Pandemic survival “I Will Survive.”  The year 2020, the ups and downs of surviving it are trying, difficult and frustrating.  If you are reading this, congratulations!  You have survived this messy year!  You may even find that song playing in your head sometime today.  My sincere apologies.

Contrary to that theme, this past quarter brought with it the passing of a few friends who began as clients.  While they were not part of the pandemic, their losses still were a glimpse into how difficult times are right now for families coping with loss.  No matter how busy life can get, remember there are others with a different struggle than yours. 

New Website Is Finally Up!!!!!

28 years ago back in January of 2020 I began working on our new website.  Finally, after delaying this newsletter a few days, I am pleased to introduce our new website.  Please check it out, click around and share it with friends.  If you read no further in my babbling, it would be a huge favor to me to go click around the website.

On the Personal Side:

Outside the rain is coming down from remnants of Hurricane Delta and I am writing in a hidden away corner of a hotel lobby in Asheville.  Celebrating our 15th anniversary, Evan is in her room studying for her upcoming accounting exam.  I look over my shoulder from time to time wondering if I am living out the pandemic-inclusive sequel to “This Is 40.”  I look forward to the next 15 years and the 15 years after that!

The regular juggle in our house has changed slightly as Evan began her MBA at UNCG’s Bryan School this semester online.  To enroll in school at any level 20 years after graduating is no small feat, doing it in a pandemic while juggling home schools and pods is a monumental task.  Reason number 4832 that Evan is a rock star and I am lucky to walk through life with her.

Lila has grown like a weed.  Recently in the Chick-Fil-A drive in, something terrible happened.  The kind person taking our order referred to Lila as my wife.  Immediately she began dry heaving.  Yes, her body came out of shock mode and she is OK.  I think us adults have had a much more complicated time adjusting to life and Lila seems to take everything in stride. 

Amelia is the only female in her small pod.  I believe that in her mind she reigns like a Queen Amelia over silly 3rd grade boys.  In reality, I remember that this is just what school is for now.  As she approaches her 9th birthday, I am amazed at her combination of sweetness, curiosity and determination.  I also fear the determination from time to time but that is another story.  While it is difficult for adults to be on a screen all day, Amelia completes 4 hours in a row of onscreen school four days a week. 

On the Business side:

I am pleased to announce Ben Abitz has joined us as a Financial Planner.  Ben represents the first time I have had another registered professional and he couldn’t have joined us at a better time.  His experience with our financial planning software is a huge help.  He also has a strong background in the trust and estates side of the financial industry, an invaluable resource for families coping with a death and the enormous amount of financial details associated with passing.  Ben and his wife Megen have two kids and live in the Northern school district.  I am sure you too will enjoy getting to know Ben.  Adding another registered advisor to our firm has added much needed capacity and we are accepting new clients, if someone you care about could use some advice, clarity or simply a conversation we would be happy to help!  

The fantastic job that Hollie has done in stepping up to the plate after Brooke’s departure is something she has handled in stride.  She has done this even while working from home on Wednesdays while her kids and cousins have a home pod. 

Our review process has been adapted to the new zoom format and we have had feedback from clients saying that they actually prefer that format.

Social Media:

We want to connect with you more via social media.  Let’s connect on LinkedIn or Twitter at @mattloganinc ,or follow my channel on Youtube or  follow my page on Facebook. We will be posting regularly on our blog as well so be sure to check it out from time to time. 


Life post COVID has presented very real challenges.  Lately we have found ourselves working with families who are dealing with estate issues after the passing of a loved one.  This process can be very confusing and take a long time.  If you or a loved one or friend mentions finding themselves in a role of executor or trustee, we can help. 

Online Access:

Ben will be focused on creating financial plans for reviews and updating them.  To do this, we need to have updated account information.  For those of you who have not updated your log in information from other financial institutions, we will be asking you to do so prior to your next review.  If you have not established online access and would like to please email us at [email protected].   If you have already set up your account and would like to access your accounts, click here

The Bus:

The bus has been going out from time to time for families and small groups.  The fall weather and wineries in the area offer a great way to spend an afternoon.  If you want to reserve the bus, just email [email protected] and we will be happy to help. 

Featured Blog Post:

One concern we have been following more lately is that of identity theft.  We are especially concerned for clients and their families.  Here are some tips to share that may save you from identity theft or fraud.  Despite Covid-19, there are still bad people out there and we want you and your loved ones to stay safe.  For an interesting look at How To Protect Yourself Fom Identity Theft, check out this recent blog

Third Quarter Outlook:

You thought I would get through the newsletter without mentioning the election.  Come on, you don’t think I forgot, do you.  Let’s bring back some Gloria Gaynor here.  With the 24-hour news cycle, the election, the pandemic and the gyrating markets, if you do not feel slightly uneasy about things, you are not normal.  Just an election every four years is plenty to get most people feeling uneasy.  When you become uneasy, just remember “I Will Survive.”  As you do not reach out to a financial planner for voting advice, please don’t attempt to use your portfolio to vote.  No matter which direction the country goes in this heavily contested election, the world markets will still be there, McDonalds will still serve cheeseburgers, and you will survive!  For a more in depth look at the markets and the fourth quarter outlook, click here.

Hollie, Ben and I want to remind you that we are here for you!


Matt Logan

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